2OPFM - Tight Fit
2OPFM - Tight Fit

2OPFM - Tight Fit

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PLEASE NOTE: These are deeply discounted modules due to a panel production mishap. The two rotary potentiometers are a "tight fit", meaning manufacturing tolerance led to the pots rubbing in their holes in the panel. They are not terrible, but also not up to our standards for normal production. If you find it intolerable, we'll refund you within 90 days, no questions asked. 


2OPFM is a digital 2-operator FM voice in 6HP. It features 2 sine wave oscillators, OP1 and OP2, and a decay envelope to control their amplitudes. Perfect for simple melodies, atonal percussives, and more.


ENV: The internal decay envelope. 

OP1: The main output.  

TRIG: A rising edge triggers the built in decay envelope. This envelope modulates the amplitude of the carrier, as well as the modulator (at a slightly faster rate) Incoming triggers are ignored when the envelope is active, thus allowing for frequency division based on the decay slider. 

GATE: A gate holds the built in envelope high, which releases at the rate set by the decay slider. 

FM: An FM input to modulate the base pitch of the two oscillators. 

S&H: A Sample & Hold input for the oscillators, updated on a gate or trigger. 

KHz: The base frequency of the carrier oscillator. 

RATIO: The ratio of modulator frequency to carrier frequency. 

The left slider controls the decay rate of the internal decay envelope. 

The right slider, FM, controls the amount of FM modulation of the carrier.