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EG is an all analog voltage controlled Attack-Decay envelope generator with an End Of Cycle (EOC) trigger output in 6HP. EG is lively and interactive, and covers all your basic rise and fall CV needs: tight transients, long swells, and rubbery filter modulation.

TRIG: Trigger input. A rising edge (trigger, clock, etc) fires the envelope.

EOC: "end-of-cycle". A ~5ms trigger output when envelope returns to 0V after being triggered, signaling the end of the cycle. Along with CV input, this can function as a voltage controlled trigger delay. Can be patched to the trigger input to self-trigger and loop.

RE": "re-trig" toggles between one-shot and re-triggerable modes. In one-shot mode, EG will wait until the current cycle is finished before responding to incoming triggers.  This yields behavior like a clock divider where, for example, 1/16 note triggers in yield 1/4 note envelopes out. Along with the CV input, this allows a ton of variation from a steady stream of input triggers. 

CV: Through associated attenuverter, this input modulates the overall length of the envelope.

EG's max output is ~6V.

Loopable, chainable, fast-as-you-need-it. EG is a staple. 

Power Requirements:

+12V: 30mA

-12V: -30mA 

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