About Us

Super Synthesis is an electronic musical instrument design and manufacturing firm based between Austin, TX and Aptos, CA. Super is Chris, Ian, and David. 

Brothers Chris and Ian McDowell are premier synth geeks from Austin, TX. On most days you can find them on one of Austin's fine disc golf courses, tossing around ideas about modular synths.
Chris has spent the better part of his life studying music, engineering, computer science, and art. He's crazy about electronics, jazz, code, and the future.
Ian is a professional artist, potter, craftsman, and synth enthusiast. When not wrist deep in a grid paper sketchbook, Ian enjoys the outdoors, throwing clay on his wheel, and handstands.
David Phipps has been a full time musician with the band STS9 (sound tribe sector 9) for almost 15 years. Before joining the band, he was an Industrial Design student at Georgia Institute of Technology.  Designing, drawing, building, and making have always been what keeps David grounded in the world of live touring. Synth DIY, eurorack modular, and technical drawing are his favorite ways to spend time off of the road.